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Colby & Church Planting

Colby talks about the purpose and new vision he has for church in Portland.

Jen & Suicide

Jen shares her journey of hope in the midst of her depression.

Alyssa & Identity 2

Part two of Alyssa's ongoing story about identity and faith.

Alyssa & Identity 1

Part one of Alyssa's ongoing story about identity and faith.

Shane & Homelessness

Shane shares about his brief experience with homelessness and how it motivates him to help others struggling with it.

Filling the Gap: Compilation of Season Two

A compilation of stories from season 2 of Filling the Gap.

Tina & Opiod Addiction

Tina's story about the fight of her life against an opioid addiction.

Manny & Prison

Manny shares about his encounter with God in prison.

Connie & Prison

Connie shares about her experience in prison and the hope she found after it.

Monte & Native Ministries

Monte Church discusses his upbringing on the reservation and how faith doesn't have to change someone's culture.

Leila, Lisa & Inclusion

Leila and Lisa share their thoughts on how to include those with disabilities in to our varying social groups.

Filling the Gap: Season Two Trailer

A preview of the episodes of season two of Filling the Gap.

Rudebaughs & Pornography

Mark shares his story of dealing with his sexual addiction, while Marella, his wife, shares her experience as supporting someone through that addiction.

Preview: Rudebaughs & Pornography

Mark and Marella share their journey as husband and wife through porn addiction.

John & Loss

John Lubke shares his journey of loss and the importance of community.

Preview: John & Loss

John shares his journey of losing his community of faith and discovering what community means to him.

Alison & Burnout

Alison shares her struggle with burnout in her career and her faith.

Preview: Alison & Burnout

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Dr. Raj & Divorce

Dr. Raj shares his story of healing and hope after a divorce.

Preview: Dr. Raj & Divorce

A preview of Dr. Raj's story of dealing with his divorce and mental health.

Andre & Civility

Andre shares his experience within the polarizing world of American and church politics using civility.

Preview: Andre & Civility

A preview of Andre's story about civility in the midst of growing polarization.

Kayla & Hope

Kayla shares her story of blindness and hope.

Preview: Kayla & Hope

A preview of episode one, Kayla & Hope.

Welcome to Filling the Gap

Welcome to Filling the Gap. Season one preview.

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