Filling the Gap: Season Two Trailer

A preview of the episodes of season two of Filling the Gap.

Welcome to Filling the Gap. We are back with new stories to share for the second season of the podcast! Thank you for continuing to support this project and giving people a voice to share the stories God has written.

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Welcome to Filling the Gap. An audio podcast that tells the stories of the gaps we see in the world, within ourselves and inside of our church. Filling the Gap explores the topics and issues we face every day, but don’t always address or talk about. Through the power of storytelling, we hope to fill the gaps in the communities we find ourselves in.

Filling the Gap is produced and copyrighted (© 2019) by the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists ( Music in this episode is courtesy of Reflective Emotion by Martin Felix Karczmarski.
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