Welcome to Filling the Gap. Discover the gaps within through personal stories exploring topics few have courage to address. Filling the Gap tells the stories of gaps in life and seeks paths to wholeness and community.


This podcast is LIFE. It’s ups and downs, it’s good and bad. It has hope & grace interwoven into it and it gives me hope that the ugly parts of life can have a light at the end of the tunnel. The storytelling is impeccable it captivated my attention the entire time. – Valerie

This podcast is so genuine. It really helps give insight to people’s lives. It’s not always a happy ending that we would expect and that’s life. We need more stories and outlets for this sort of thing for people to be heard and just take the time to listen to others, especially in the church, especially those who have been hurt by the church. I love this idea and this podcast! Keep it up. Can’t wait for more. – Dan

It's SO GOOD. You’re touching on subjects nobody in the church talks about, from an official venue. I’m really enjoying. – Heather

Filling the Gap is produced by the North Pacific Union of Seventh-day Adventists.
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